Rugby Reaction Series has Ended

It has been a great ride but, unfortunately I feel like the genuine reactions to the sport have run their course. The last thing I want to be is unauthentic & fake and continuing the Rugby Reaction videos would force to me to embellish in order to keep the videos somewhat entertaining. Too much of a good thing is possible and I love the fact that all f the reactions currently on the YouTube Channel are raw and in the moment (outside of the Lomu reaction because if you google about rugby enough, you’re bound to find out about Jonah).

Moving forward, the content on will be around integrating weight lifting into one’s life; interviews with trainers and personalities; stories from the military; tips about how to get and stay out of debt and whatever the hell else I wanna talk about. At the end of the day I am a full time Dad, Husband, Employee and weight lifting plays a very important in my day to day life.

Lastly, I will be extremely active on the Audio App – ANCHOR. Check it out because the episodes are only 5 minutes long, low commitment level (you don’t have to see my ugly mug) and the content will lack any fluff. I would like the Anchor Station to become very listener driven. Listeners have the ability to call in to the show and leave a message or a question. This is great and will allow me to answer or address specific questions or topics. Stop by and favorite my channel in order to stay up to date.

My Anchor Station

It has been a fantastic experience reaching into the Rugby world. I have spoken with people from all over the world. I have been insulted in multiple languages with mysterious slang and I must say; I am HONORED! Nothing proves a global footprint like being called a, “Phaggot” by a 13 year old from South Africa and a, “Piece of shit American” by a grown man from France. All in all, it was awesome and I hope many of you stick around for the future content.

See you on the High Ground.



1st Rugby Practice Review

It was about an hour long. Other than my Cardio not being in top condition, here are the main themes that I learned.

1: Spacing – on offense and defense – The beautiful about Rugby so far is that, even as a novice, when the spacing is correct on offense; it FEELS correct. And conversely, when the spacing is incorrect; you immediately feel out of place. In a sense, the flow of the game, over time, allows you to learn where you should and shouldn’t be.

2. Throttle – mostly on offense – It became obvious fairly quickly that there is a time to run full speed, a time to dial it back to about 75% and also a time to slowly jog. Knowing when to do each of them at the correct time can help create offense and get a good offensive flow going.

3. Quickness/Quick Feet – Even after years of playing American Football, which requires a quick first step; the repetitive quickness required in Rugby is nothing I’ve experienced. A quick step in Rugby can create enough space and room to break a tackle, make an offload (pass) or even buy enough time for the rest of the team to catch up to you after a long breakaway. Every Rugby player, in my opinion, could benefit greatly from ladder drills.

4. Fun and Inexpensive – A $50 pair of boots (cleats), shorts, shirt & Rugby ball is all that is required. I had a lot of fun and I only experienced the touch aspect of the game. We did not scrum, line-out or tackle.

Launching New Rugby Reaction Video Series + Ep #1 – Richie McCaw

I have taken an interest in Rugby. It is highly entertaining to watch, and that is before I really understand the rules, penalties and little nuances of the game. So, after extensive research into the world of Rugby, I have decided that it would probably be easier to learn the game from the Rugby fans themselves by interacting through reaction videos. So, let’s get started with Episode #1