Deathmetal + Sneakers = ME

A lot of people, on all sides of the stylistic coin find it difficult to accept that I listen to Deathmetal and wear Jordan’s & Nike’s. I don’t know why this is an issue, but it has been since I was 13. Even today, when I show up to places with friends, they’ll get asked questions like, “Hey, who’s your friend with all of the Pantera tattoos wearing the Jordan’s?”

The only reason I have been able to come up with in regards to why other people care so much about my unorthodox style is because it keeps them from being able to categorize or understand my wardrobe.

When it comes to fashion; (and let’s face it, even the most dedicated, basement ridden, Deathmetal fan is cognizant of what they prefer to wear) I don’t identify with any particular, singular style. I have no problem wearing a ‘Cannibal Corpse’ tee shirt with some Jordan’s or Kobe’s or LeBron’s. My style is simple: I wear what I like and I wear it with confidence. Of course, I pay attention to color coordination and how articles of clothing fit me (jeans are my biggest issue), but I don’t limit myself to coordinating within specific limitations. My #1 rule is: ‘Be Yourself’. And I would encourage ALL of my readers to do so.

In this video I stop by Ross to check out what they have for sneakers. Here is what I found.



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