Afghanistan Interaction 1.0: The Tailor

I am getting to know the locals at the Bazaar shops. I was having a conversation the other day with one of them. It went as follows:
Him: How is your family?
Me: Great! The kids are driving their mother crazy.
Him: Oh yea? And that is good thing?
Me: Well, it isn’t good for her. It’s just good that I’m not there for it!
Him: Hahaha! That funny! I was just got married 2 weeks ago.
Me: Oh really? Congrats! Is she from Jalalabad?
Him: Yes. She my cousin!
Me: … How much is this chess set?
Another conversation in this guy’s rug store went like this:
Him: Where you live in America?
Me: I live in Montana.
Him: Oh, Montana very big city! Very beautiful city!
Me: No man, Montana has more cows than people.
Him: Really?
Me: Yea man. Tons of farms and animals. Like Nuristan.
Him: Montana have goats?
Me: Hell yeah we do.
Him: Sergeant, we get married and you take me to Montana!
Me: … How much is this rug?


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