Afghanistan Entry 1.2: The Fridge

I responded to a classified regarding a mini fridge. It was listed for free, so I jumped on it immediately. A cold drink is a commodity during deployment so you can imagine the joy I felt at the thought of having an entire refrigerator of energy drinks and water at my disposal.

I meet the civilian lady on the other side of base to get the fridge. She is leaving country due to her contract ending and seems eager to get rid of it. We exchange pleasantries and I start the long walk to my barracks room with this mini fridge in tow. Now, mind you I still have to carry my M-4 assault rifle along with me. Needless to say, it made for an awkward trek across the base. I didn’t care because the idea of an endless flow of cold beverages was well worth it.

I finally get the fridge to my room. I do some minor rearranging of my high class, expensive, hand made furniture (refer to ‘Room: Stage 1’ photos) to find a spot for it. As it turned out, the fridge fit PERFECTLY next to my bunk and table. I reroute the power cords and plug it in. I set the cold level to somewhere in the middle and leave to finish my day at work.

After my shift ends, I stop at the shoppette to buy an entire case of sugar free Monster energy drinks that I plan to put in the fridge… especially since it should be nice and chilled by this time.

I  start to unload the monsters into the fridge and discover the inside is not cold at all. What the hell? I fiddle around with the cords to verify everything is plugged in. Naturally, I have absolutely no fuckin clue how to troubleshoot a refrigerator. Im disappointed but optimistic I can find a resolution.

The next day I ask around if someone knows how to fix a refrigerator. One civilian responds to my inquiry with, “is it a white, Daewoo, fridge with a Camouflage sticker on the front door?”

Amazed, I ask, “How the hell did you know that?”.

He then dropped the bomb on me.

“Oh shit, I had that same fridge like 5 years ago. It barely worked when I had it. Ever since then, that fridge been gettin passed around the base to the next person to experience the same heartbreak you did. We can’t get rid of it because of the freon in it, so we just try to offload it on the next guy so we can get our rooms cleared to leave and go home.”

… great.




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