Powerlifting Competition


I won with a total of 1,255 pounds

I normally do not concern myself with powerlifting. At least not to the extent of caring what my max lifts are, so it was a bit surprising that I even decided to enter a competition. I had spent some time scoping out the competition in the 2 gyms that are on this base… which is typical of a new alpha personality showing up to a new gym anywhere.

I have a torn pectoral muscle that I suffered in 2009 while stationed in Korea. I never had it repaired. It seriously effects my bench press, mostly because I have been reluctant to perform the lift since the injury took place. I only recently started benching again.

I didn’t know who my competition was going to be, but I knew that my squat and deadlift would allow me to makeup the ground I would lose with my bench. I calculated correctly. Unfortunately, I shortchanged myself on the squat and deadlift. I probably should’ve finished with an attempt around 575 pounds on squat.

Deadlift was a bit a wildcard. I figured I would be able to pull a lot of weight… but I haven’t performed the lift in close to 10 years. Turns out, I shortchanged myself on that as well. Oh well, now I know for next time.



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