Animal Whey: Banana Cream


Category: Whey
Name: Animal Whey
Manufacturer: Animal
Flavor: Banana Cream
Servings per Container: 4 lb Tub – 54 servings
Cost: 4 lb Tub – $48.95
Cost per Serving: $0.87
Outrageous Claims: Nothing Outrageous

Click HERE for Link to Nutrition Label

Click HERE for Link to Animal Website

Review: Banana taste is too strong in my opinion. The flavor says Banana Cream so I thought there may be more of milky taste to it. Im not into banana’s too much. However, I did mix it with the plain chocolate and the flavors collided very well. No wierd after taste. Mixes well. The top of the lid has a carry handle for easy transport… might not seem like a big deal until you get elbow tendonitis. I like to support Animal because I view them as the most ground level brand on the market. Their athletes are accessible, honest and likeable. Their brand is transparent, trusted and frankly; pretty fuckin’ cool. I like this Whey product for 1 main reason, they aren’t trying to reinvent the fuckin’ wheel with it. Alot of supplement companies are introducing new products faster than the mobile industry is introducing new cell phones. The common theme amongst them? A new claim that supposedly makes the whey protein better than the 5 other similar products they make. You won’t get that with any Animal Products and that is why the company has stood the test of time.

Price: 7/10At around $0.90 per serving, the cost is about average
Taste: 6/10The best tasting Chocolate flavor I’ve had… but nothing fancy.
Effectiveness: 10/10Naturally occuring Amino profile in the protein. Basic Whey Protein.

OVERALL: 7.5/10

Grade Ranges:
1 – 3 = Do Not even try the free samples
4 – 7 = D Not Purchase. Throw the Free Samples in yur Gym Bag for Backup.
8 – 10 = Worth your Had Earned Money


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