Rugby Reactions – Ep #3 – Amazing Steps & Tries


2 thoughts on “Rugby Reactions – Ep #3 – Amazing Steps & Tries

  1. Geoff Ward

    Hi , just a couple of suggestions for you to take a look at. First one is Christian Wade, second is Eliott Daly. Both play for Wasps (my team) in the English premiership.

    Other rugby union teams to check out are Saracens and Exeter in the English premiership, Leinster, Munster and the Ospreys in the Pro 12 league.

    I don’t know if anyone replied about the competing for the ball after the tackle question, but here goes. If YOU tackle the bloke with the ball, then release him, then get to your feet, you are allowed to compete for the ball (but only the first tackler is allowed to do this)

    Each team is allowed 8 substitutes, plus players can temporarily come on to the pitch if one of their team is off for stitches (blood replacement) or if they are off for an HIA (Head Injury Assessment)

    You also included in one of you clips some Rugby League footage (the ones wearing the green and red hooped jerseys) This IS rugby, but played by a different code, (Shaun Johnson plays this). The tackle laws are different. There are 13 instead of 15 players in each side, plus a load of other stuff.

    Hope all is going well. Enjoy.


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