1st Rugby Practice Review

It was about an hour long. Other than my Cardio not being in top condition, here are the main themes that I learned.

1: Spacing – on offense and defense – The beautiful about Rugby so far is that, even as a novice, when the spacing is correct on offense; it FEELS correct. And conversely, when the spacing is incorrect; you immediately feel out of place. In a sense, the flow of the game, over time, allows you to learn where you should and shouldn’t be.

2. Throttle – mostly on offense – It became obvious fairly quickly that there is a time to run full speed, a time to dial it back to about 75% and also a time to slowly jog. Knowing when to do each of them at the correct time can help create offense and get a good offensive flow going.

3. Quickness/Quick Feet – Even after years of playing American Football, which requires a quick first step; the repetitive quickness required in Rugby is nothing I’ve experienced. A quick step in Rugby can create enough space and room to break a tackle, make an offload (pass) or even buy enough time for the rest of the team to catch up to you after a long breakaway. Every Rugby player, in my opinion, could benefit greatly from ladder drills.

4. Fun and Inexpensive – A $50 pair of boots (cleats), shorts, shirt & Rugby ball is all that is required. I had a lot of fun and I only experienced the touch aspect of the game. We did not scrum, line-out or tackle.


Launching New Rugby Reaction Video Series + Ep #1 – Richie McCaw

I have taken an interest in Rugby. It is highly entertaining to watch, and that is before I really understand the rules, penalties and little nuances of the game. So, after extensive research into the world of Rugby, I have decided that it would probably be easier to learn the game from the Rugby fans themselves by interacting through reaction videos. So, let’s get started with Episode #1