Leg Day @ MetroFlex

You can see that I’m squatting on the same stands and platform as [arguably] the greatest bodybuilder ever, Ronnie Coleman when he hit 800 lbs. This place is full of nostalgia and the vibe is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I would venture to say the gym has never been cleaned once in its 30 years of existence. There are spider webs on some of the machines they haven’t been moved or cleaned in so long. Never before have I lifted in a gym where the collective feng shui overcomes you upon entering. I mean, I met Branch Warren in the fuckin parking lot as I was walking in like it was no big deal. I chatted with the owner Brian Dobson for a few minutes and he let me lift for free after finding out I was in the Army. Walking thru the front door is the equivalent of 4 scoops of pre-workout alone. Once I got a pump, I felt grateful for the opportunity to lift in what I consider the Mecca of Bodybuilding. I got to train on the same machines as my heroes & I didn’t wanna let them down. It made me feel invincible; like I could train until a keeled the fuck over. Check out the video!


Training Partners & Rest between Sets

My opinion on Training Partners and how they effect Rest Periods between sets from a bodybuilding perspective. This is based on experience and observation. Obviously the rest period practice is different for Powerlifting. But, even then, everyone involved in the lift (spotters & loaders) aren’t fucking around and are all concentrating on the lift. You may or may not disagree. If so, leave a comment on your philosophy regarding training partners & rest periods.

*In the Video below, my math was incorrect on 1/4 ratio during 1 hour at the gym. I incorrectly said 1 hour = 20 minutes of work. The correct time is 1 hour = 15 minutes of work*

**Fast Forward to 00:51 to skip having to watch me eat and fix my hair… unless you’re into that sort of thing**

Powerlifting Competition


I won with a total of 1,255 pounds

I normally do not concern myself with powerlifting. At least not to the extent of caring what my max lifts are, so it was a bit surprising that I even decided to enter a competition. I had spent some time scoping out the competition in the 2 gyms that are on this base… which is typical of a new alpha personality showing up to a new gym anywhere.

I have a torn pectoral muscle that I suffered in 2009 while stationed in Korea. I never had it repaired. It seriously effects my bench press, mostly because I have been reluctant to perform the lift since the injury took place. I only recently started benching again.

I didn’t know who my competition was going to be, but I knew that my squat and deadlift would allow me to makeup the ground I would lose with my bench. I calculated correctly. Unfortunately, I shortchanged myself on the squat and deadlift. I probably should’ve finished with an attempt around 575 pounds on squat.

Deadlift was a bit a wildcard. I figured I would be able to pull a lot of weight… but I haven’t performed the lift in close to 10 years. Turns out, I shortchanged myself on that as well. Oh well, now I know for next time.